Hello! Congratulations on your pregnancy. There are a lot of options available in market. Cocoa butter cream and wheat germ oils are the most effective and beneficial for stretch marks. Also ask the momies around you to suggest you some good brands.
Hello dear! Donot take stress. Vomiting and dizziness(fainting) occur due to low blood pressure. This also happens due to the change in the hormone. It does not happen like this that as soon as 3 months pass, everything will stop suddenly. Hormones take some time to get balanced. But as you have said that you are having stomach pain, you should check with the doctor once.
hii... if it is there from just for 2 or 3 days then it may be due to the weather, no need to worry. But if it is happening for 4 to 5 days or more than that, please see the doctor and get it tested so that the infection is removed from your body, which can be dangerous for your child.
Hello dear! Pain in the back is very common, but if you are being discharged a lot then you may have urinary tract infection (uti). Drink at least 4 liters of water daily and use hot water bag on the back lightly.
Ha meri ho rhi h 110-120
Doppler after 30-32 weeks me hota h
To get relief from gas problem you Should take ajwain Black salt heng With gunguna pani. Avoid to take gassy foods . After taking food take a walk . Include buttermilk and nimbu pani .
You can feel light baby moment in 5-6 month . This time these will be feeing like hiccups or bubble . You can feel these in a quiet place. These pain are also normal . Now baby increasing weight is putting pressure on stomach joint or ligament. Do more walk br more active This pain will be slow.
After 20 weeks u can hear