It depends on what your baby weight was at the time your baby was born! This you may check on your own. Post 15 days of your baby's birth,you should add 20 gms daily to his birth weight to check if your baby's weight is increasing well. If it has not increased that much,you will have try remedies to increase breast milk or atleast add formula milk to your baby's daily routine. Formula milk is an absolutely safe mixture of all important nutrients for your baby's body. You may introduce it to your baby even as early as 10 days.
Hi dear if you have get normal rashes for heat Rash then wash & wipe the are with cold water and apply ice pack followed by aloe vera gel. Wear loose fit cotton cloths. You can also apply Abzorb powder or Candid powder for the same. Hope it helps.
If its prescribed by ur dr, no need to worry. Apart from cream even you can apply castrol oil, olive oli, vitamin E oil or coconut oil.
Hi, You must be losing wieght due to decreased food intake. There is increased energy demand during pregnancy as you feeding yourself as well as the baby. Therefore your diet should include extra calories to support the increased demand. If it not met, the wieght if mother might decrease
Definetly they affects babies eye dear. Ease keep the mobile away from baby as harmfull radiation from even affects babies mental growth.