So sorry dear..I know aisa hota hai ,ab Jo hua so hua..please strong rahe and be positive too..kaafi cases me miscarriage Ka koi Karan Nahi hota..dnt be sad..three months Ka recovery period le aur dobara plan kare.wish you luck dear..
No dear travelling in early pregnancy s not safe as its puts pressure on uterus which s harmful 4 baby so try 2 avoid travelling its not safe 4 u .take care .
May be u have sits lots of time in office .while sitting pressure puts on uterus. That's why u have lower abdominal pain so dear consult to ur gyno and tell her u r working she ll gives medicines acvording 2 that nd dont sit for long time. After half an hour take rest nd then sit nd do work try it m
7 weeks pregnant mother2 Answers
It is completely safe to eat drumstick during pregnancy. But you must wash it thoroughly to get rid of the dirt and germs before consumption. Like any other nutritive food, it should be consumed in moderation. The leaves, seedpods, and seeds of the drumstick are all edible and full of nutrition.
Arey isme pareshaan hone waali baat Nahi hai..white discharges toh normal hai..mujhe bhi hotey aksar hormonal fluctuations ki wajah se hotey hai aur unless isse koi khujli ho rahi ho , ghabrane waali baat Nahi jagah ko.saaf aur dry rakhe..