3rd aur 5th month me TT injection padta hai, aap apne doctor se consult kr k injection le lo. Aur v puch lena ki kio aur injection lena hai ya nhi for safe side.
Consult your doctor immediately
It's quite normal in pregnancy.. nothing to worry dear..Take food in a limited quantity that too in divided proportion...Enjoy your pregnancy.. Happy pregnancy ❤😊
Dear all the calculations are done from the first day of your LMP..so count from 14 th Feb till date..you would get your weeks..right now you are 7 weeks pregnant..
That's fine, these do not indicate any trouble in the body and are not a cause for any major concern. Due to shortness of breath or due to improper eating habits, hiccups tend to occur too often during pregnancy and can be avoided by being more relaxed and slow especially while eating.
Dear it's normal due to horMonal changes our digestive system becomes weak. U need to drink lot of water nd juices, take more green leafy vegetable nd fruits. Nd there are some medicines which actually don't relieve constipation but gives smoothening effect wHile passing stool nd u won't feel pressure. As every women pregnancy s different whatever medicine m taking maybe won't suit u so better u consult ur gynec once. M taking a herbal capsule nd lactulose solution liquid. It helps
In first trimester, even i felt very tired and wanted to sleep all the time. But i wasn't able to do that even at night because of nausea and sore breast. So its hard to find a comfortable position at that time. I started feeling better after 10 weeks. So hopefully you will feel better too. Just try to take rest if feel tired. All the best.
Drink more water or fluid food... this might also happen due to urine infection