Hi dear! You really don't need to worry about it. The first possibilty or reaction of concieving a child can only be seen after 6 weeks, which is in the form of the fetal pole. After 6 weeks, the pulse of the fetal pole can also be listened. I suggest you to go for ultrasound only after the 6th week. I know its tough to wait for it but please be patient the results will be beautiful. Take care
Hello dr... Congratulations on your pregnancy. Yes your friend is right. You should sleep on your left It would be better because in this position blood and nutrients from your body easily reach the child through the placenta. Keep a pillow between your legs or just bend your knees. Also lying on back is realy not god for any pregnant women because the uterus will grow with time and the weight of it may put immense pressure on the veins and muscles. If you dont sleep on side then start making a habit to do so.
Hi! the level of hcg can be detected properly only when you are aware of your last lmp date. lmp date means the first day of the last menstruation period. Let me know when did you get your beta hcg test done? Also let me know your last LMP date. If the pain is like cramps it could be because of your uterus preparing and expanding to hold the baby. Its common for all pregnant woman. And also Sleeping on your back is not at all a good option for anyone in general. And specially for pregnanat women this habit is really dangerous after 20 weeks of pregnancy. So please don't develop such habit.
Heyy I would suggest you not to waste time and visit your doctor immediately. This can be a possible indication of some serious problems with your preganancy. I too have gone through this so please keep calm.
Anardana you can eat 2 or 3 in a day...
Well first find out if you have conceived.as sometimes ladies have late periods dur to certain reasons.if you are pregnant and having such spotting,report to doctor immediately.certain hormonal supplements can prevent it.
Dear better to eat more greeny vegetables contains high folic acid,take high proteins and low carbohydrates, take dairy products daily, can have red meat and seafood but better to avoid foods which causes allergy to you.drink plenty of fluids.better to avoid which contains high toxic elements, under cooked or raw meat.better not to take caffeine more than 200mg per day.better to eat boiled sprouts than raw one.avoid spicy and oily foods.take care
,Waise sex pregnancy time me safe hota hai agar aapko koi particular complication na ho toh..first trimester me usually sex avoid kartey hai kyuki thoda sensitive rehta hai,second trimester me sabse best time rehta hai..lekin doctor se pehle consult zaroor kar le..kyuki bar ek pregnancy alag hota hai..aapne doctor ko achche se pata hoga aapke issue me..
The pain or pressure could be due to baby pressure..as now baby weight must be increasing, and due to gravity it must be pulled down..so mild swelling in vaginal area is common..please avoid standing in one place foe long and give some cold compress down there.it helps to reduce the swelling
Dear you are pregnant and yes it is quite early stage in pregnancy.and may be 4 weeks.it cannot be 1 week . please mention your last period date.