21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo ...pregnancy starting se mujhe thyroid k problem...bt now mera thyroid normal hai ...n me medicine continuously kha rhi huu....kya mea abb cabbage kha sktii hu.??..actually mene google pe read kia tha k thyroid problem hone pe cabbage ni khani chahiye ...plz reply..

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Answer: Yes dear, it is totally safe to have cooked cabbage in pregnancy but not raw as this vegetable is easily contaminated by bacterial which can cause many diseases which can lead to premature delivery.
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    Pooja Paul61 days ago

    Ok dear thnku so much

Answer: No bettr dnt eat, continue taking medicine
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Question: Hello 2nd month mea mera thyroid 9.89mg tha n doctor suggested me to take thyrox 100 n in the third month mera thyroid 0.15 ho gya n then doctor suggested me to take thyrox 0.50 bt 1 another doctor said k aap apna thyroid test dobara krwao bcoz she said k thyroid itna kaise km ho gya ..but pehle doctor k kehne pe me thyrox 50 lea rhi hu..n i want to know k koi problem to nhi hogii bcoz 1 month mea itna thyroid km ho hi skta hai by taking proper medicine ..?
Answer: hi dear ! dear so that doctor is right we will have to do another thyroid test from another place dear so see the thyroid levels as it cannot reduce so fast. its a gradual procedure dear. and if still the thyroid levels come low then thyrox should be removed or the dosage can be reduced further depending on the test results. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: Meri baby prso se ro rhi h...kl doctor ko dikhay to kam me drd btaya....drop dya...pr fr b wo ro rhi....kha ki jyada rone pe gastica medicine dene...pr asar khtm hone k bad fr rone lgti h...smj ni aa r ki use kya problem h...aur kya hr bar rone pe ye drop de skte h Ky???
Answer: Making your baby depend on medicines this early age isn't the perfect solution.You should rather try home remedies which will help develop his gut, as under developing digestive system is major cause of gas troubles in baby. Below are the causes of gas trouble- Incorrect Feeding Technique A poor latch onto the breast or bottle results in too much air being swallowed at meal times. Crying Crying can cause your baby to swallow air, especially if he cries in hunger for a long period before a meal. Immature Digestion A newborn’s gut is continuing to develop after he is born. The gut may still be learning to process food, gas and stool effectively Food Sensitivities and Allergies Breastmilk contains traces of foods from the mother’s diet. Some babies may be sensitive to these traces of foods Too Much Lactose Breastmilk is often thought of as containing foremilk and hindmilk. The foremilk, which comes first, contains more of the sugars, lactose, while the following hindmilk is richer in fat. too much foremilk may result in a relative lactose overload. This may contribute to gas or fussiness in babies. Overfeeding Overfeeding can cause problems if a baby’s tummy can’t cope with too much food at once. Transient Lactase Deficiency (TLD) A temporary inability to produce sufficient quantity of the enzyme “lactase”, essential for digestion of “lactose” WORKING ON FEEDING TECHNIQUES CAN IMPROVE THE SITUATION Feed Baby at an Angle: If breastfeeding, keep your baby’s head and neck elevated above his stomach while feeding. If he is bottle fed, feed in a vertical position and tip the bottle slightly so that air can rise to the top, while milk / formula sink to completely cover the nipple Burp During and After Feeding: Pediatricians suggest burping in the seated position as an initial option but you can also burp your infant by holding him upright or over the shoulder. ALONGWITH IMPROVED FEDING TECHNIQUES THESE PHYSICAL THERAPIES HELP FURTHER Tummy Time: Let your baby spend time on his tummy while he is awake and you are observing. Gravity’s gentle pressure can help push out trapped gas. Tummy Massage: While your baby is laying on his back, gently rub baby’s tummy in a clockwise motion and then pull your hands down the curve of baby’s belly. Bicycling Baby’s Legs: While your baby is laying face-up, slowly pump both legs back and forth as if riding a bicycle. The gentle circular motion creates movement in the intestines, which can help loosen trapped gas.
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Question: hlo.....ajj meri 9th month ki scan hui hai....report me baby ne apna head naadu me ghuma lia hai.... kya yeh complications hai...mujhe injection lgaya ta k baby k lungs me problem Na ho and abi delivery ni kr skte kyu k tym itna ni hua.....movements pe b dhyan dene ko kha hai....tension ho rhi k baby ko future me problem Na ho.....
Answer: apka matlab hai ki baby ke neck ke around cord hai. to agar single loop hai to koi jyada tension ki baat nahi. haan apko movements ka bhot dhayan rakhna hoga thoda bhi delay hua to turant doctor ko dikhana hoga. baby ko future me koi problem nahi hogi dear. everything is normal.
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