20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: pregnancy me head ache bhi hota h?

2 Answers
Answer: yes its common
Answer: Yes
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Question: Head ache in pregnancy
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .it is quite common to get headache during pregnancy. It happens due to harmonal changes as well due to so many side affect of pregnancy. for headache remedy u can follow below steps. Do breathing exercise. It relive ur muscles and vain and reduce it headache . Don't let fast blood flow bother u.Eat healthy food. Avoid taking spicy, oily or junk food. Msg is a taste enhancer which is generally added in most of the street food but that is the main cause of headache so avoid junk food as well Chinese food. Maintain blood sugar level by avoiding sweet .Try natural sweet fruits. Cold and warm compress in head will relieve ur headache. Take warm bath.it is also suppose to keep u calm, control blood flow speed and reduce ur headache.Sleep in a proper posture. Sleep in sides. I sincerely hope it helps. All the best 
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