1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pregnancy me scooty driving safe h kya 1month me

2 Answers
Answer: It is not safe.. better try to avoid it for few months.
Answer: No it is not safe
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Question: is driving scooty is safe in 7th month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely safe during 1st n 2nd trimester.But as ur body become little clumsy during 3rd trimester it is not advisable by travelling in scooty as it increases the chances of falling down and injuries to baby.Thank you.
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Question: is it safe driving scooty in 24week pregnancy?
Answer: It's safe now, but you have to take extra precautions. Avoid going at very high speeds so that you have good control over your vehicle. Avoid bumpy roads and potholes. Don't travel long distances as it may cause back. The travelling is not the issue, the real issue comes only if you fall from your scooty.
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Question: Is driving scooty safe during early pregnancy?
Answer: If your feel good to drive ,u can drive but don't go long journey and go very slowly.it is very important to drive to go otherwise take rest during early pregnancy bcz mainly miscarriage in first trimester don't take risks... finally to drive slow is safe
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