6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pregnancy main kya kya khana mana hain..??plz batayenge..

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Answer: Hello dear. Pregnancy mein apko papaya, pineapple aur grapes nahi khane hai. Iske alava apko raw meat, raw sprouts aur raw egg bhi nahi khane hai. Aur agar aap fish khate hai to low mercury wala khaye. Hope it helps.
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Question: totaly pregnancy mein kya khana mana hai??
Answer: Hi dear, #eat healthy and fresh food #Don't drink alcohol and caffeine # don't smoke # don't eat raw meat #don't do complicated exercises #avoid junk food and unhygienic  food # avoid papaya, pineapple,grapes # avoid prawns Hope this will help
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Question: Pregnancy ke first month me kya kya khana mana hai... Or jyada kya khana chahiye
Answer: Hi! You can have everything during your pregnancy time there is nothing special that you need to have more, try start day with apples/coconut water/ soaked almonds etc. Have iron, magnesium, folic acid rich diet which should in your daily food consisting vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, mutton, eggs everything all regular food no need to start anything special.. U can have one cup of coffee or black tea a day . Nd as much of fennel ,chamomile, fruit , caffeine less tea. Take ample rest and drink lots nd lots of water. U can go fr walks if u want nd only if ur gynae permits. Hope you find this helpful..
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Question: Main 3 months pregnent hu ?main kya kya nhi kha sakti hu yeh batayenge plz?
Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy. During pregnancy it is very necessary that you take care of your diet. So follow this diet. 1. A glass of milk regularly. 2. Bowl of seasonal fruits 3. Bowl of salads 4. Chapatis 5. Bowl of different types of pulses 6. Fibre rich foods like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc 7. Bowl of veggies 8. Iron and calcium rich diet 9. Avoid ajinomoto 10. No Gassy foods 11. Drink plenty of water 12. Include curd, buttermilk and fennel seeds 13. Avoid aerated and caffeinated drinks 14. Dry Fruitsz
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