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Question: Fundo posterior means what?

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Answer: Hi dear, Fundal placenta is nothing but th position of placenta in uterus.when the placenta is attached at the top of the uterus wall it is called fundal placenta.if it attaches in front ,it's called anterior fundal,if it attaches at back,it's called posterity fundal.posterior fundal is the best position,as the baby movements can be felt better and it won't block the birth canal.
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Question: What is placenta :fundo posterior means
Answer: Hi dear Placenta fundal posterior means that it is attached to the upper part of the uterus and little towards the back side. This is a normal and good position and can shaped as the uterus grows
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Question: What does fundo posterior placenta means
Answer: Posterior placenta means your placenta is at backside of uterus. And fundo means top. So the placenta is at top and not low lying. This is really good. And its not covering the cervix.
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Question: Placenta is fundo posterior means what??
Answer: Hi Placenta the one that nourishes baby with your nutrient is attached ti back wall of your uterus wall which means baby is front side that is stomach side which is normal
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