39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz telll me someone

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Question: In these week what will i eat more for my baby's health ....plssss telll me
Answer: It's very important to continue with proper healthy balanced diet which contains calcium iron and protein so taking dry fruits fruits green vegetable pulses etc is very important also add milk and milk products in your diet
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Question: I m 8 month pregnent ....is it safe to climb the stairs ....plssss telll me
Answer: Dear at this stage of pregnancy a woman gets a big baby bump because of which the centre of gravity shifts and it can disbalance you while climbing the stairs so best is to avoid using stairs at this stage
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Question: Yesterday I had NT scan can u plz telll me is althing alright
Answer: Dear please share your report here..usually NT report of 1.5 mm and below is consisdard normal..but in case it is above that you would be asked for follow up test..
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