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Question: Plz tell I am trying to conceive. 24 August last period . My period come sometimes 2 days before , sometimes 3-4 days before sometimes on same day .. like , 28 june , 28 July ,24 August. So I get confuse how to calculate ovulation . Also I want to know when pregnancy symptoms appears ..plz tell ..?

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Answer: Download my tracker from playstore will help you.we can't rely on sypmtoms as some don't have it. A test only will confirm pregnancy
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Question: Hello I am trying to conceive but I am unsure about my ovulation cos sometimes periods comes 2 days before and some times 3-4 days before .. last period on 24 August . I had relation on 27 and 28 August , 2 ,4, 7,8,11,14 sep. . is there chance of pregnancy ..plz tell ?
Answer: dear the days you have selected were absolutely fine although you have not told me how long your periodic cycle is you have to plan to have sex few days before the possible ovulation date
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Question: Hi friends,my doubt is my period date is 17 last month this month I should get periods at 15 but no period signs and this indicate may be am pregnant and when pregnant symptoms come to know
Answer: Please wait for a week and if you don't get your period then please take a pregnancy test dear... this will help confirm your pregnancy dear as symptom of pregnancy shows only around 6-8 weeks dear...
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Question: Hi.. after miscarriage.. I didn't get period yet.. and I have 28 days regular period.. now I'm in 36 days from the day of miscarriage.. and I have bleeding upto 13 days after my miscarriage.. and what my doubt is after 36 days can we get ovulation discharge.. coz by today morn I get ovulation discharge so plz tell me suggestions.. I have took upt for 2 times it's negative
Answer: After miscarriage you should wait atlest 2 to 3 menstrual cycle for pregnancy planning again. Usually after miscarriage one or 2 periods are irregular.
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