2 years old baby

Question: plz suggest sweet and modern of baby girl..

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Question: Lack of milk to feed my18 days baby plz suggest any solution..
Answer: Do try for bm and eat lots of leafy vegetables, drink milk with shatavari, take lactation medicine. But if u feel baby is not getting sufficient please feed baby with formula milk. Make sure baby is not hungry, in the attempt to increase bm don't forget that it's as important to keep the baby full.
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Question: How to increase baby weight in 8 and 9th month plz suggest
Answer: Eat protein and fibre rich foods. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eat in frequent intervals as much as possible. Eat walnut,almond, dates, cashews etc. to increase weight.
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Question: Plzz suggest short n sweet baby boy name with A ..
Answer: Ayansh , akshaz , akansh , Ashutosh , Ashwin , Ashwini , Amit , Ajay , Ankur , ansh , AYUSH , Amar , Anish , Aniket , Ankit , Arman , Amish , Apurva ,
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