40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pls tell me what should I do to make baby's head fix ...till now it's not fixed yet...doc tell to wait till 24 my edd or 25 she'll induce

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Answer: U can't do any thing dear.. It should happen by its own
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    Poonam Mehta91 days ago

    Ok thnk u

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Question: Hi doc.. my baby's head was not yet dropped down till now.. let me know what exercises can i do now for baby lightening to happen
Answer: Jhadu farshi ukrdu bheth kar karo din me 3 baar har kaam niche ukhru beth kar karo
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Question: My baby head is not yet fixed.. wat can i do to it's head..
Answer: dear, this time u cant judge accurate position of yr baby. he/she is moving inside u all the time.... so dont worry, at the time of delivery, baby will change his position, get his head down.for delivery... u can do walk as much u can, do little exercises,yogas,it will helps u at the time of delivery too. have chill and enjoy yr pregnany without stress
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Question: Am not getting pains.... And head also not fixed.... What to do should I wait or go fa c section
Answer: During this time work well in the house go for walks and do anything you want. This is the reason old people make the ladies sweep the house this time. When you move around and work about, in one position, the head may just get the right angle and may slip into the pelvis, if it has not. Do not think that with five days what can happen. It takes only 1 minute for the process to occur. It is just like shaking the cushion cover well to fit the cushion. I would suggest you wait and do not lose hope. In this time keep a watch for four things. * Good baby movement. * No significant pain. * No leaking vaginally. * No bleeding vaginally. If none of these are seen, then you can wait till due date and definitely try for vaginal. Happy motherhood in advance. All the best.
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