1 months old baby

Question: pls suggest me which formula milk i can choose for my one month old baby?

3 Answers
Answer: Better to give breast milk.... If u have tried all methods and not getting sufficient milk or any other reason... U can start with formula milk... Many formula milk r available in market... U have to see which one suits ur baby... Start with anyone which is easily available Around u... And also by seeing ur affordability as u have to continue for long.... Mix in correct quantity as mentioned on box ... If it suits... U can continue same... Along with bm or only fm...
Answer: give ur own breast milk its best
Answer: nan 1 pro by nestle
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Question: Which formula milk is good for 4 month old baby pls suggest me I want to start for my baby
Answer: Hi. If your breast milk is enough for baby continue with it, as nothing is better than it. But if you habe less milk supply and its not increasing as well then you can give lactogen, nan pro or similac .
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Question: Hi. can anyone suggest me good formula milk for my baby. she is one month old
Answer: Nestle NAN EXCELLA PRO... Its good one compared to other formula milk..its recommened by doctor..
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Question: Pls suggest me formula milk for 7 month old baby?
Answer: Its better to give babies cow milk, rather than formula milk.
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