24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pls suggest me the best sleeping side bcz m nt comfortable to sleep i m sleeping the right side is it comfortable fr me

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Answer: Throught out pregnancy it is suggested that you sleep on your side preferably the left side. You can use pillows under your hip or thigh as per your comfort. Avoid sleeping on ur stomach or back.
Answer: You can sleep on your sides.. nothing to worry..
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Question: Can i sleep right side? Bcz am nt at all comfortable with left side sleeping.
Answer: U can sleep right side for some time... But more preferable is left side... Bcoz blood circulation is more to the baby in left side... So prefer more left side for safety... And u have to make an habit of sleeping left side compulsory...
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Question: I m not comfortable in left side sleeping. Is it good to sleep in right
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can sleep in which ever position you are comfortable with. Here are a few things that might help you to get good sleep, ease pressure on your hips when trying to sleep on your side, place a body pillow between your legs. Take care.
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Question: I feel comfortable sleeping on right side. Is it safe to sleep on right side?
Answer: Sleeping on sides is perfectly okay. Left side sleep helps to increase blood flow to placenta. It helps in baby's growth and development
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