13 months old baby

Question: pls suggest home remedies for runny nose

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Answer: Hi, Saline drops sold as nasoclear.,put saline drops in each nostril.put the baby is head elevated while sleeping it will drain the nose.Runny nose is good that everything comes out and wont stay to turn as phlegm.use vaporizer and use baby vicks for vapourisation.have a lil span of warm water bath foe you baby.u can boil tulsi leaves and to that decoction u can add honey and make baby to drink it .keep the baby hydrated entire day,so that he wont loose any water from his body.give him vegetable soups with little pepper added to it.if the baby drinks orher than breast milk u can give the baby turmeric milk that acts as natural antibiotic.u can give him rice and rasam made with pepper,it relieves him from cold
Answer: Hi dear do give jayfal powder pinch of in a spoon of warm milk to baby twice a day. Also do give warm food to ur baby. Make sure to massage ur baby with mustard oil in which u have added garlic and ajwain. And boil it. After it reach to room temp. U can massage ur baby .
Answer: Do you see only watery running nose . It is due to overheat . Just give some fluids and juices . It will get rid of this . If it is thick running nose apply sesame seed oil on chest ,back bone , neck ,nose
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