1 months old baby

Question: Pls say max & min gap to breast feeding for 15 days baby

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Answer: Feed as per demand or at a gap of 2-3 hours. Feed from both breasts alternatively
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Question: My baby is now 98 days old... he haves milk oli for 5 to 7 min max ...not even 15 min ..what should i do to make him to drink atleast for 15 min???
Answer: Hello! This common in babies of this age. Babies at this age get easily distracted with other stuffs and stop drinking milk. Make sure you sit in a room with no distractions, less light and it should be silent. This might ensure that your baby still has some milk. But there are not fool proof plans. If the baby is taking for less time then make sure the frequency is increased. Take care
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Question: Hi..am completely breast feeding..my baby is constantly having poop in her diaper even in 15 min gap..little watery with seedy and in mustard colour
Answer: Hi! Its normal dear, little yelowish greenish seedy poop is normal, they can poop fr 10-12 times a day and sometime dont poop fr 10 days.. Dont worry color texture frequency all can change and will becomd normal with age.. Good luck!
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Question: My baby food and breast feeding gap
Answer: Hi, welcome to motherhood. Time gap between the both also depends upin the food that you are giving But you should at least keep an gap if 1.5-2 hours is always advisable. In between you should not feed the baby
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