40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pls I started taking kesar in milk, how should I should I soak in milk and drink with the kesar strands or remove the strand b4 drinking or how pls tell

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Answer: Dont take more than 2 strands it generates heat in ur body...
Answer: dh nyaawad
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Question: Shall I drink saffron with milk.. And how much strands should I take... And when in the morning or at night
Answer: Hi sis, ya u can drink with milk, drink at night time, just put four to five saffron in it. Good for health.
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Question: Can i drink a kesar milk...and how times should i consume the kesar
Answer: Hi, You can consume saffron only at the fifth month as the pregnancy is stable at this time, and risks of endangering the baby due to premature contractions is reduced . Use only two to three strands at most in any preparation, as excessive saffron mayadversely affect your health. Hope it helps.
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Question: in pregnancy how many strands of kesar shall i use with milk..m currently using 4 strands..is it okay...
Answer: Kesar is know for its warming agents so be careful while using it.
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