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Question: Pls give me a diet plan for 3 months baby

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Answer: Hii dear plz stict to exclusively breastmilk to the baby till 6 mo ths of age. U should feed him after every 2 to 3 hours. If u r giving formula milk then below is the detail as how much milk should be given.  3 months  90-120ml per feed  6-8 times daily  3-6 months  120-240ml per feed 4 to 6 feed a day 6-9 months  177-277 ml  per feed 6 times daily  9-12 months  207 to 236 ml per feed 3 to 5 feed a day.   Kindly make sure to sterilise the bottle after every use and make the milk after reading a proper qty instruction. Don't use the formula milk after opening the packed of 3 weeks. It get expire after that. Prefer giving breast milk as that act as a nectar for babies. 
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Question: Can someone give me a perfect diet plan for a 6 months old baby Thank you ....
Answer: Hi mam you can now start with mild and easy digestible food items start with apple puree banana during or steamed Apple for breakfast you can give Ragi Malt for health mix powder porridge for Cerelac homemade for lunch you can give rice with curd or vegetable soup you can also use the dhall water vegetable water on rice
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Question: Pls give diet plan for 6 months completed baby
Answer: Hello, please do not give cows milk till 1 year of age as the baby's digestive system is sensitive it won't be able to digest cows milk you can continue with the breastfeed.. since baby is 6 months you can start with solids like apple puree , Well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, french beans. you can give rice water , dal pani, sooji ka kheer,  Fruits can be steamed and mashed or pureed to be given as their first solid food. The popular fruits that are given as baby foods are apple, banana, pear, avocado, chikoo and peach. Variety of pulses, especially dals can be boiled with water and the soup of the dal can be given which contains proteins. Broken rice can be given as porridge, made in breast milk or formula milk. Although cow’s milk is not allowed until the age of one for babies, unsweetened yoghurt can be given in moderate amount as an alternative to purees. hope this helps.
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Question: Please give a proper diet plan for 18 months baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to experiment with your baby's favourite choices.. Make new dishes and see which your toddler likes.. You can make different porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentils and rice, only veggies), make different soups, make mashed potatoes dishes (tikki or cutlets), try giving brown bread pizza (using pizza sauce and cheese), make custard of seasonal fruits, suji or atta halwa, I am sure your baby will like some out of these..Also, try to include wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds in your child 's meal.. It helps in building appetite.
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