26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pls do confirm, Brinjal is good for 26th week pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear brinjal has been good and safe in my pregnancy because I have had a brinjal but there are few studies which says that brinjal is not safe during pregnancy hence I would suggest you to take your doctor's opinion before having a brinjal hope there won't be any problem as I did not have any.. Hope this helps!
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    Shilpa Jogin64 days ago

    Thank you dear..

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Question: Is brinjal good for pregnancy
Answer: Hi. It would be better to avoid brinjal as it can cause gas problem which is already a problem in pregnancy. And semi cooked brinjal can lead to misscarriage in early pregnancy so better to avoid it.
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Question: is eating brinjal is good for pregnancy.....?
Answer: you should avoid it..brinjal.produces gas..it might be harmful
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Question: Do brinjal is not good for pregnant
Answer: I have eaten lots of brinjal foods. Ha ha infact i conceived while eating brinjal a lot. My mom's friend had eaten sesame seeds and raw papaya daily in her pregnancy to wantedly cause abortion, she even took tablets to abort baby, but nothing happened. Infact sesame seeds made her child fair. If god has written good on our fate, whatever you eat nothing will happen. If miscarriage wants to happen, it will happen even if u are very very careful. Eat whatever you want nothing is going to happen.
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