34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: pls answer me 1)is there any chance to deliver baby at 34th week &2) how to know that baby's head turns down???symptoms pls....

4 Answers
Answer: 1. it depend your baby condition and your cervix . if baby is head is decendant and cervix is dilating then only you can say. but 34 weeks is early to think pray atleast after 36 weeks. 2. you can't judge only doctor can tell you about the baby position. she will do internal checkup and tell you how is the current position. and what will be in next few days.
Answer: Here are some of the typical signs of different positions. If you have a lump to the left or the right at the top of your tummy, try pressing gently on it. If you feel your baby's whole body move, it suggests that he's in a head-down position. You may also notice that you feel his hiccups below your belly button.
Answer: To find whether baby's head is down or not there are some tips.. You feels hiccups in ur lower abdomen below navel, giggles with baby's fingers below but sides of the navel...Kicks above abdomen above navel....
Answer: by ultrasound u can c baby position otherwise by doc check up coz we here can't tell ur baby position u hv again time so don't worry just completed 34 week so tc