5 months old baby

Question: please tell me the receipe of apple puree

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Answer: wash apple ..peel them.. cut it den boil it with a cup of water...when apple soften to a juice from it..u can extract from the apple pulp also note u can add extra water in boiling n add a small pinch of cinnamon powder
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Question: Please tell the easy receipe of home made cerelec
Answer: Hi Soak a grain of your choice Eg Dalia,rice,moong dal, ragi,chana etc Wash and soak in water for 8-10 hours Air-dry or sundry it for 6-7 hours Roast it on low flame untill turns red or poppy it gives aroma when ready Cool and grind to form powder in mixer Store it in airtight container To make porridge Add two small spoons of powder to a glass of water Cook on low flame untill porridge like or slightly thick consistency Serve warm add a spoon of ghee on top
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