3 months old baby

Question: Please tell me... My 22 days old baby is passing gas and loose not watery poop... And my mother in law is giving him tea... Is it fine?

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Answer: Giving tea for 22 days old?? Pls stop immediately. Gas is very common in infant. Burp him during n after feeds. It shud work.
Answer: Tea ah for 22 days baby not at all good first 6 exculsve breastmilk is important for baby othing else please stop tea ma
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Question: My baby is 7 month old last 15 days he is passing loose watery stool so please tell me it is safe to give him ceralac
Answer: In this case don't give him cerelac, feed him as much as you can that would be more healthy for him & he would also be able to cure soon.
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Question: My mother in law giving black tea to my 6 month old baby...is it good or bad?
Answer: Hello friend, In my openion any kind of tea is not good for health of 6 month old baby.. Is it tea or some kind of kadha made from good herbs from your kitchen,although that is also not good if given in high quantity as 6 month child's digestive system is not as strong to digest high herbs,but it can be given upto few drops or else if can avoid that.
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Question: Is it safe to massage with mustard oil. My baby is 22 days old. The doctor is saying no but my mother and mother in law are insisting.
Answer: Dear if doctor is saying no then there must be some reason for it. You can ask your doctor if massage with any other oil is fine or not and why he says no to massage with mustard oil..
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