17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please tell me how to overcome sore throat problem??

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Answer: Hello dear,  Shore throat can be very painful. You should try this before taking any medicine. Honey, fruit based sarbat, pomegranate juice, Banana and chicken soup may help a sore throat as it is effective at healing wounds and fighting infection. Turmeric and ginger Used as a tea or in milk-based herbal blends. This spice is thought to have healing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties...Well-cooked vegetables: Carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and other vegetables can be helpful for people with sore throats, as long as they are cooked until they are tender... Scrambled eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein. When scrambled, they are usually soft enough for an inflamed throat to tolerate. Crunchy, hard, sour, salty foods to be avoided. Drinking lots of water, garlic, avoided hot fruits and drinks and use humidifier will help you. When to see a doctor... Sore throats typically go away after a few days. If a person has a sore throat that lasts for 6 days or more, especially if it is accompanied by a fever, they are advised to see a doctor.
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Answer: Hello dear... Mild itching is common in pregnancy,due to blood supply to body,but if you have severe itching it may due to obestic cholestatis,in this condition medical attention is needed immediately, if you can try these remedies it may help you.. Drink more water Reduce salt intake Apply moistrizer Apply coconut oil You can use homemade bath powder
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Question: Please tell regarfing sore throat in day and night..
Answer: Hii if doctor advised u seeing ur condition then u should opt for it but do also follow some home remedy.U can have 2 glass of apple cider vinegar honey and warm water . Gargle with salt and water. That will reduce it throat pain.Eat ginger in between to reduce itchy throat. Avoid cold and fizzy drinks during throat infection. These drinks can aggravate the condition.drink lots of liquid. Gargle with salt water at least thrice a day because salt fights the bacteria. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to salt water as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. Don't talk much.give relieve to it throat.
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Question: I have sore throat swelling in throat.... and pain.... please tell me what to do
Answer: Take one spoon ginger extract and one spoon honey. Yhis will releaf.
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