8 months old baby

Question: Please tell me food for 8 n half months baby... How much n how many times??

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Answer: Hello dear, you can start fruit based cerelac. And Oats Apple porridge, Suji porridge, Sweet potato kheer, suji Upma, Banana slices, Water melon scoops, Kitchari, curd mashed, Fruit Yogurt, Banana smoothie, Papaya milkshake,  Cheeku smoothie, Strawberry milkshake, Masoor dal khichdi,  Spinach Khichdi with curd... Half bowl is enough at a time and give 3 times in a day. Rest of time you can give formula or breast milk. 
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Question: How much formula milk to giv in 8 months baby n how many times
Answer: Hi dear at the age of 8 Months u can give 177-277 ml  per feed 4 to 5 times daily but I will suggest u to make sure give kore of semi solid homemade food at this age. As those foods play an important role in baby growth. Also don't give any other milk, other than breast or formula till 1 year of baby age as other once don't get digest by baBy.
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Question: Please tell me how many times baby go for stool
Answer: Hi Babies can poop as often as after feed or go without poop for 4 consecutive days All of which is common in breastfeed babies so don't worry Just ensure your Baby is feeding well  If your baby goes without poop more than 4 days then consult your pediatrician regarding same However massage your baby 2-3 times a day especially the stomach area it would help babys pass gas as well as with bowel movement If your baby is in pain or has a hard stomach and none of the above help Ask your pediatrician about using an over-the-counter stool softener to make it more comfortable for your baby to have a bowel movement, but never give her a laxative without her doctor's approval Take care of your self and baby .
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Question: For 9th month baby how many times we can feed solid food & how much quantity plz tell me.....
Answer: Hi dear in nine month of age you can give three solid feed and 4-5 liquid feed to your baby. It is really difficult to decide your babies solid feed amount if you are giving home cooked food. If you are giving your baby nextrom or Sarala then give the amount mentioned in the chart on the packet. But if you are giving home cooked food take a small bowl of solid feed but don't force you baby to finish the whole bowl. stop as soon as your baby is unwilling to eat, if you will force then it will make you baby fussy eater & can also cause vomiting. Take care of you baby, hope it helps.
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Question: how many times n how much water can given for 6 months old baby?
Answer: There is no thumb rule to give water Babies need extra water only to digest solids , so few sips after food is OK Don't give more water as it will fill his stomach and he may not take BM which has more nutrition
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