1 months old baby

Question: please tel me when not to give pacifier to 2 3 months old baby... my baby likes to use pacifier always

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Question: Can I use pacifier for my 3 months old baby
Answer: Mom start pacifier even right after birth so that's completely a personal choice when you want to start pacifier for your baby ....I never give pacifier to my baby at all so it's completely your choice
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Question: Can I give pacifier to my 2 months old baby?
Answer: Hi yes it is fine to give a pacifier might soothe a fussy baby and it offers temporary distraction but you should not depend on it too much. After 4 weeks you can give.
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Question: When can i use honey pacifier for my baby? He is 3 months old..
Answer: Hi dear. Better you never give them. Its not good for infants.
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