4 months old baby

Question: Please suggest me about bonison,how and when i use.and tell me the brand name.is it really work for acidity and colic

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Answer: You can use colicaid...I am using it for my 3 month old baby and it really works.
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Question: Please tell me the remedies for acidity....
Answer: Hello As ur body produces more progesterone it relaxes all the muscles in your body because of This ur digestion process can slow down this produces gas which cause bloating burping and hurt burns. Drink lots of water get exercise like walking stretching etc. Avoid eating heavy meals or spicy meals before dinner so u can avoid hurt burns. Eat alot of high fiber food. Drink cold milk or eat ice cream instead anacids as they can be absorbed in ur blood. And eventually lead to your discomfort
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Question: Please tell me about Colic or ProColic drops when we give it to baby before feed or after feed ?
Answer: Hi dear Colic drops should be given after 15 min of feed to baby... Hi dear Summer season many kids suffer by colic issues...do not worry...just take some castor oil and give a gentle massage around babies belly hole in clockwise motion for 10-15 min and make baby to sleep in flat surface and hold babies foots and slow rotate like peddling cycle it make baby to ease from burping and baby will feel comfortable and get relieve from colic aids
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Question: Please suggest me the good colic pain medicine for baby...?
Answer: Hi u can give your baby collicaid ,neopeptine and do massage with solution of hing water
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