15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please suggest home remedies for boils at pubic area?

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Answer: Hello! For boils in pubic area you can apply warm compress. Also apply a paste of turmeric, neem and sandalwood. This will help to reduce the boil faster. Take care
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    Namrata Upadhyay31 days ago

    Thanku so much

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Question: Please suggest Home Remedies for Ear Itching
Answer: My son also had a lot of ear itching issues couple of Months back. My mother-in-law suggested this great home remedy using ginger. You can give it a try. 1. Cut ginger into small slices and boil them for around 10 minutes. 2. Soak this mixture into a warm & wet towel for sometime. 3. Place the towel over baby's ear for around 15-20 minutes. Make sure that it's not too hot for baby Skin. Hope this helps & Baby feels less itching soon enough.
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Answer: Please don't treat flu with home remedies. You must first get the signs checked.
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Question: Please suggest home remedies for cough
Answer: Hello dear... Cough and cold are one of the common childhood illness , it can caused by environment, climate change,and some cold causing foods . Remedies for cough and cold in infants Breast milk is a natural source of antioxidants,it alone can do wonders in reducing cough of babies , so breast feed as you can. Heat coconut oil with garlic,pepper,and little turmeric powder,use ts oil and massage in throat,chest for five minutes,it will helps in reducing cough effectively You can also boil water with ajwan or cumin seeds, you drink and then breast feed baby it will reduce cough a lot Apply Vick's in a betel leaf and keep it under lamp for two min,then massage baby's chest with that leaf,it will cure cough a lot Massage with warm mustard oil,will also reduce cough Mother's can take soup with country chicken with pepper and salt,it is very much helpful in reducing baby's cough and cold
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