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Question: Please let me know y bleeding after sex??what is the reason sunday is completed my period.

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Answer: Please reply my answer anyone
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Question: My legs are getting too much pain what should I do n what is the reason please let me know
Answer: Plz take hot water bath dont sit on the chair and eat calcium rich food
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Question: My breast milk stopped in sudden for last 2 day. Please let me know the reason??
Answer: Sry to here mam. May be u r not intaking the proper foods that's y milk production has stopped... There r few foods which helps in milk production... Those are bottleguard, garlic, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, sabbakki green leaves, n all fresh fruits, veggies, greens... All these foods u shd intake regularly on daily basis. All these foods helps in milk production in breastfeeding moms... And don't forget to intake lots of water and milk... Drink milk atleast twice a day.... Hope it helps you... All the best...
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Question: Hi I am 19 weeks pregnant and there is occasional bleeding but it is a passive bleeding, please let me know what could be the reason?
Answer: Hi Since you are in your in your 19 the weeks I suppose you should consult your gynaclogist regarding same so as she could run a test examine and suggest treatment if needed regarding same
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