1 months old baby

Question: Please let me know the difference lactogen and nan pro ?

Answer: Hi,both are almost same as both are if Nestle brand. It us just that which is suiting your baby.
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Question: Hi wats the difference between lactogen & Nan Pro. I'm giving my baby Lactogen.is it OK?
Answer: Nan Pro has probiotics which is very good for baby's digestive system.. It is said that Nan- Pro has all the nutrition content of mothers milk except anti-bodies but If ur baby is happy and healthy no need. There is always a better formula available in the market,go as per the baby.
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Question: what is the difference btw nan excella pro and nan pro? Which is better.???
Answer: Nan pro contains probiotics. Nan excella pro contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid ) and ARA which is present in breastmilk and very much important for brain development and good eyesight. So nan excella pro is good.if you have them, you know it. People recommend using garlic tablets, eating raw garlic or using garlic cloves as a suppository. Also spicy diets and foods high in sodium are said to kill them.
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Question: Is Nan pro good or lactogen good?
Answer: H,both are equally good as both are designed keeping in mind the baby s nutrition requirements it just depends on what suits the baby the most .
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