13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please let me know if there is any problm if we have a blood clotting under the placenta?? Anybody who faced such problem pls help

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Answer: It's called placenta previa condition .it's create problem of pre mature delivery .so take proper bed rest
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    Situsmita Mohanty1109 days ago

    Is it curable?

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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with blood clotting under my placenta. Is it harmful for my baby and let me know if somebody ever diagnosed with same
Answer: Hello, First thing not to worry at all.Yes,my sister-in-law has facing the same problem but really it's not big problem as her Doctor is saying, the placenta is established enough to take over production of pregnancy hormones.This is thought to trigger light bleeding for some women, possibly leaving behind a clot under the placenta.If the area of bleeding under the placenta is small, the blood clot should be gradually absorbed, and it won’t affect your baby. 
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Question: Please let me know if there is any problem if little red discharge goes in 6 month of pregnancy
Answer: Some pain or discomfort is normal during the second trimester of pregnancy. Spotting and very small amounts of blood may also be harmless.However enough vaginal bleeding to soak more than one menstrual pad and severe pain are dangerous. Then u should consult a doctor.
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Question: There is a bleeding under my placenta measures 2.2x1.7cms. Is there any problem??
Answer: Mam kai womens ko pregnancy mein ue vali situation hoti hai but iske liye dr treatment dete hai jisse apke baby ko koi problem na ho.nas ap complete bed rest le aur chalna firna avoid kare.
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