6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please it's a humble request reply me I had miscarriage before but iam pregnant I had spotting and I went to doctor she checked sac was visible heartbeat was fine I had spotting today also wts the reason may I know

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Answer: Please go and consult Dr.sometimes its normal to get spotting.eat healthy and stay strong.
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Question: I m pregnant 8weeks 5days I had a little spot brown discharge but I did sonography the report n baby is normal.Can I know the reason regarding brown discharge.Is it a concern
Answer: Hi mild spotting is normal in early pregnancy till 12-13 weeks.but better to visit doctor once and get scan to know th cause of bleeding.you might need progesterone supplementation to prevent further problems.be on rest, make sure that you should not strain at washroom, avoid travelling and intercourse and not to lift weights more than 5kg.take care
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Question: Hii please help me iam 6 weeks pregnant I had 2-3 drops of spotting last week and day before yesterday I went to doctor she checkedy heart beat was ok at my first visit next I went for the reason of spotting she told sac was visible use tablet she told may I know wt is the reason please help already I had one miscarriage iam literally dying with this tension
Answer: Little bit spotting is very common in early pregnancy ,even it happened with me .if ur baby heartbeat is ok than noting nothing to worry ,just relax and take proper rest and may be ur doctor have prescribe u progesterone tablets or injection and if not u should ask ur doctor as progesterone is very important hormone for healthy pregnancy.all the best
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Question: Hello everyone i am 9 weeks pregnant i got my first USG scan on 4 jan but it did not detect any fetal pole and heartbeat after that i consulted doc she said to take the scan again after a week then on 12jan again i took scan so finally it detected heartbeat n fetal pole too visible but now i am facing another issue it also showed fibroid of size 40x32 mm i am really worried that will it effect my pregnancy?
Answer: Fibroid is an issue dear. Your doctor better guide u in this matter
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