22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please help. In anamoly see baby is facing my spine. Doctor is not able to get scan of heart. What can I do to change the baby position.

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Answer: Heyyy, it all baby's wish to turn... But still you can try by drinking cold water or eating something sweet . these both things stimulates baby movement. As I have also faced the same situation n than I tried 2 cups of cold water n then went for the scan.!
Answer: Eat something sweet glucose water or ice cream or cup of coffee. A bit walking. It usually works
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Question: Hi mam I am 24 weeks pregnant. I went for fetal echo scan but baby was in reverse position. So not able to see baby heart. Complete day we waiting but baby is in reverse position. What I can do to make my baby in correct position to see my baby heart for fetal echo scan.
Answer: I think you should wait for at least one week and then take another try to get your scan as baby normally changes position within a week. This same happened with me during my anomaly scan. Sleep on your left only as it will give proper space for your baby to move.
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Question: today I have done my anamoly scan.....but Doctor said me to come back tomorrow because she was unable to see heart and spine cord perfectly as baby was not moving....I m so tnsd ... please help
Answer: Sometimes babies won't be in a position for the scan. So im order not to disturb the babies. Doctors advice to come some other day or wait until baby is in position for scan. So nothing to worry.
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Question: What is meant by heart appears in the mid position during 22 weeks anamoly scan?
Answer: It means that your baby's heart is at the centre of the baby's chest which is absolutely normal dear...
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