Planning for pregnancy0 Answers
Check after a week...then u 'll get a clear test..
Read some books, do have a glass of milk before sleeping don't take stress at all take care of your diet soon you gonna give good news 🙂 God bless you
Usually pregnancy strip test result shows after 2 weeks of conceiving, so you may try again after 2 weeks. And it's best to check out with doctor as sometimes stripe do show errors. (I am not a doctor, this is what I read when I was thinking of testing. I tested after a month of my period missed and it showed +ve)
Day of cycle- Stage Fertility 1–7 -Menstruation Least fertile stage. 8–9 Post-menstruation - Possible - to conceive. 10–14 - Days around ovulation - Most - fertile. 15–16 - Post-ovulation - Possible to - conceive. 17–28 - Thickening of uterine lining - Less - fertile — unlikely - to conceive. So after missing of periods try after 10 day which has high chances to concieve