Yes, it's possible. Happened to me. :-) I recently read an article where the researchers came to the conclusion that there isn't a correlation between the two. The thing with having an orgasm, according to the study, is that if you get an orgasm during sex you will feel like having more sex thus increasing your chances of getting pregnant.
jackfruit increases body heat and biryani in it helped a spicy and which preparations the definitely i will save better david search kind of wood during pregnancy however if you wish to have a meeting small portion to avoid any unnecessary side effects
Hey dear consult to physian nd take medicine as ur dr suggest u. He ll gives medicine for fever nd tonsils nd gives medicine it ll improve ur immunity too try it dear nd take healthy diet too.
Dry fruits, leafy vegetables ,vegtables,egg
Hey dear ur lmp s 8 feb so if ur period cycle s of 28 to 30 days ur fertile days was 20 feb to 22 feb which has crossed so wait till 8 march if ur periods missed then after eight to ten days of missed period do pregnancy test nd if u get ur period then again try in fertile days try it .
After a week u can start
It might be implantation bleeding. After 14days of transfer u can check ur bhcg levels by visiting hospital.. rest well don't take stress.... All the very best