20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: placenta previa ws diagnosed in 19 week scan..doc didn't ask me to avoid sex ..stop goin fr walk n other activities....???. my ultrasound report says anterior placenta reaching upto os???....what does that mean??

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Answer: Doctor didnt tell you anything because at 19-20 weeks of pregnancy its too early to get concerned about placenta previa because as Pregnancy Progresses and your baby will grow so will the uterus grow and expand and it will naturally move upwards....Having sex and going for a walk and doing other activities he would've stopped you only if you had any other conditions along with placenta previa like bleeding or baby growth issues or blood pressure but as long as other things looks good doctor will not be bothered about it neither you should be.
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Question: I got my nt scan report and it says placenta is reaching os but not covering it, wat does this mean, is it something to worry about
Answer: It is the case of low lying placenta, in these cases usually there are chances of bleeding but don't worry you need to take extra precautions Take bed rest with leg end raised Avoid sexual intercourse for any physical exertion Avoid excessive bending or lifting heavy objects Continue your progesterone tablets If you notice vaginal bleeding you should consult your doctor immediately. Repeat the scan to see the status of placenta
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Question: In my report it z written Anterior in location with small posterior component covering internal os- Placenta previa grade-1 what does it mean plzz do rpl ma'am..???
Answer: hi dear when your Placenta is a line near your cervix that is bottom of you uterus is called placenta previa. Your Placenta formed in anterior part of your tummy what stretches to towards the cervix. With the advancement of pregnancy Placenta will mature into two types of maturity grade 1n 2. grade 1 maturity means you Placenta is getting little harder compare to its age. grade 1 Placenta is not a matter of concern but as you have Placenta previa you need to take care of yourself more. Don't lift anything heavy,climbing of stairs regularly is not recommendable, avoid long distance journey as far as possible, take proper care of yourself.
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Question: My 19 week scan report says low lying placenta reaching OS, what does this means.?? And i am Using indian style toilet, will this cause any prblm??
Answer: Low lying placenta means ur placenta implanted in lower side of uterus in normal it should implanted in posterior side .better to take proper rest and medication.avoid straining and long distance travelling
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