33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta upper anterior, not low lying, grade 2 maturity. What it means?

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Answer: Hi. . It means you placenta is on front wall of uterus in upper side which is good and safe. Grade two means your placenta is able to provide baby with all the nutrition now.
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Question: placenta anterior & grade 0 maturity means what?
Answer: Hey this means your placenta is positioned in the front wall of uterus..and the maturity of placenta at this stage is 0..all are fine .no need to worry..
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Question: Placenta is postior ,low lying but away from internal OS..placenta grade 2 in maturity.. What does it mean.. i am having low lying placenta ?????
Answer: Yes dear it means you are low lying placenta but it is away from mouth of cervix so nothing to worry much . Relax
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Question: Placenta is anterior segment with grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Placenta is organ that provides baby with all the nutrition, blood and oxygen needed in starting of pregnancy 8 places itself either in front wall of uterus in back wall of uterus when it place itself in front wall of uterus it's called anterior placenta which is completely safe unless it's low lying grade 3 is its maturity which means it has matured enough this is completely normal as well , as placenta can measure to level 3 after 36 week of pregnancy
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Question: Placenta anterior grade 2 means
Answer: Hi dear it means you place t is attached to interior wall of uterous a right now if is grade 2 ... This is ideal condition at this week ... Nothing to worry relax
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