37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta posterior grade 3 is best for normal delivery

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Answer: Hi It is just the position of placenta The position of your baby is deciding factor for normal delivery Placenta posterior implies your placenta is attached to the back wall of uterus Placenta can be graded from 0-3 0 being during initial stage and gradually moving to 3 towards delivery Given you are 37 weeks pregnant grade ,3 is normal and expected
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Question: What is fundo posterior placenta grade 3? Is it ok for normal delivery of 36 weeks pregnant mother?
Answer: It means your placenta is backside roof wall of uterus..which is fine .as long as then placenta is not low lying its ok..grade 3 is the maturity level of placenta and that is ok for this stage..but your doctor need to monitor the growth of baby as high maturity in placenta could effect the nutrition supply for baby..you can safely deliver post 37 weeks completion only..prior to that any delivery is unsafe and preterm..
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Question: Is anterior placenta with grade 3 is normal?? Normal delivery possible with that grade placenta
Answer: If it is not low lying or covering the OS ...it's fine. For.nornal delivery there are other parameters too. Like baby's cord in his neck, ur bp, cervix dilation, haemoglobin, AFI level etc.
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Question: It is possible normal delivery with posterior placenta grade 2
Answer: Posterior placenta attached at the back of uterus Grade 2 means the placenta reaches the cervix
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