33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta is postior ,low lying but away from internal OS..placenta grade 2 in maturity.. What does it mean.. i am having low lying placenta ?????

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Answer: Yes dear it means you are low lying placenta but it is away from mouth of cervix so nothing to worry much . Relax
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Question: What does posterior placenta with grade 2 maturity mean?.. Is normal vaginal delivery possible with low lying placenta which is 1.7 cm away from internal OS?
Answer: Chances of normal delivery with low lying placenta is less. You Placenta is attached to the backwall of uterus & maturity level is 2 which is ok. Better to prepare yourself for a C section delivery.
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Question: Grade 1 Posterior Low lying placenta 4cm away from the internal os , is it risk
Answer: Bi dear not uch but in case of low lying placenta we need to ne more careful . You should follow your doctor completely ... She might ask for bed rest sp do it and have all the medicines on time . Tc
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Question: In my report... placenta anterior lower edge of placenta is away from the internal os. Upper segment maturity grade 2... what does it mean??
Answer: I had the same the placenta is opposite direction then it suppose to be. N maturity grade 2 is the maturity of ur placenta.
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