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Question: Placenta is lying 5 cm away from internal os during 37 weeks , is it possible to have normal delivery?

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Answer: Yes that's completely possible just do mild walk regularly that will help baby to get the lower and engage its head.. so don't worry just do mild walk
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Question: in case of low lying placenta 1-2cm away from internal os normal delivery is possible
Answer: Not possible.. while sleeping take pillow in between ur legs, placenta will move up
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Question: I have low lying placenta with 3.6 cm away from os current week is 34 can normal delivery is possible?
Answer: Don't worry dear take complete bed rest without any body exertion and placenta will fall into correct position and you will have norrmal delivery
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Question: is normal delivery possible in case of big fibroid lying 5 cm from internal os
Answer: Hello The things u have to find out abt abt the fibroids are the location if the fibroids are in the uterus they will grow along with ur baby as they are thrive on harmones estrogen and progesterone. If the fibroids in the placenta then it can obstruct ur babies growth as it's it can cut off the blood supply resulting in under weight baby. Fibroids make normal delivery impossible.
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