23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta is low lying 0.16mm.i am using indian toilet. Isse koi problm to ni hogi

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Question: I have problem of low lying placenta. i am using indian toilet. is this affect my baby??. i am 15 weeks pregnant
Answer: Indian toilets put pressure on uterus because of total squeezing of muscles. Only important rule is to not put pressure while urinating and try to sit with slow motion aewell as stand up carefully with help of holding side such as bar or grill. You must discuss with your gynae about cerclage suturing to help close your cervix and assure a medical intervention.
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Question: Can i use Indian toilet ? I am 6 month pregnant with low lying placenta ...
Answer: no dear u can mostly try to avoid it.... because u have low lying placenta .... Avoid using the Indian-style toilet if you have a complicated pregnancy. Avoid using the squatting position in a “Pedestal” squat toilet – a dual toilet seat that can be used in the squatting as well as the sitting position. Hope this answer will helps you...
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Question: is it ok to use indian toilet in low lying placenta.
Answer: hello dear i had also low lying placenta and i used only Indian toilet. low lying placenta does not affect by indian toilet.
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