26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta is anteriorly situated away from os.. is it normal or anythng to worry? Wat does it mean??

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Answer: hi dear ! so dear an anterior placenta is positioned on the front wall of your womb, on your belly side . and it is situated away from the os which is a good this as it should not be near the os or touching the os which will be considered a low lying placenta which will then be an obstruction during birth. so yours is in a better position dont worry.! take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: What does it means placenta is 2cm away from internal os ? Is there anything to worry ?
Answer: It means that the Placenta is only 2 centimetre away from the uterus opening which is a case of low lying placenta, in these cases usually the fear of bleeding is there with the growth of uterus. You need to take some precautions You need to take some precautions Take bed rest with leg end raised Avoid sexual intercourse for any physical exertion Avoid excessive bending or lifting heavy objects continue your progesterone tablets If you notice vaginal bleeding you should consult your doctor immediately. Repeat the scan to see the status of placenta, if at the time of labour the Placenta position remains the same then your doctor might ask you for C section to prevent serious blood loss after delivery. Take care
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Question: Wat does it mean Placenta is posterior approx 1cm away from os with maturity grade 111???
Answer: my dear grade 3 is the ageing of the Placenta so this is normal at this stage. Placenta posterior means that it is attached to the back wall of the uterus but it is a difficult thing that it is only 1 cm away from the OS it means that you cannot have a normal delivery with this take care
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Question: Hi my placenta is situated anteriorly... What does it mean
Answer: Hello dear An anterior placenta is a placenta located on the front of the uterus. Most of your sensations of baby's small limb movements may be hidden behind the placenta. If placenta stays in the same place by covering the cervix even at 40 weeks of pregnancy, a normal delivery is not possible.
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