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Question: Placenta is anterior upper uterine segment with normal maturity (grade 1). What does it mean ??

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Answer: It means that placenta is lying in the upper part of uterus attached in front and it is going under maturation. The grade of placenta varies throughout pregnancy and the changes are prominent in 2nd and 3rd trimester.Grade 1 – (minor) the placenta is mainly in the upper part of the womb, but some extends to the lower part. Grade 2 – (marginal) the placenta reaches the cervix, but doesn't cover it. Grade 3 – (major) the placenta partially covers the cervix. Grade 4 – (major) the placenta completely covers the cervix (most serious type of placenta praevia
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Answer: Hi Placenta that nourishes baby with your nutrients is placed upper segment of uterus wall and in anterior that ia front side of uterus which means baby is backside that is spine side with grade 1 matuarity which is normal
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Answer: It means that your placenta is located on the roof of the uterus and extends towards the front wall of the uterus....and grade 2-3 means that your placenta is preparing itself for the birth of your baby which is absolutely normal at 38 weeks of pregnancy..
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Question: Placenta appears anterior upper uterine segment, not low lying, with normal maturity (grade 2). What does it mean??
Answer: hi dear if the placenta is anterior then it is good and the great to maturation is also fine so you don't need to worry about it you are baby is all well.so you don't need to worry do regular exercise walking drink more water eat more healthy and nutritious food
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Answer: Placenta posterior means it is lying behind the baby. If placenta become maturity grade 3 means the baby is ready for delivery.
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