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Question: placenta - fundal and grade I....in sonography report....what does it mean????

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Answer: After the egg fertilises, it travels down your fallopian tube, and gets embedded in your uterus (womb). At exactly this place where the fertilised egg implants in your uterus, your placenta gets formed. Thus, the position where placenta implants and develops may vary from person to person. Fundal position,is in which the placenta lies on the top wall of your uterus.
Answer: Both an anterior and a posterior placenta are normal for both the baby and the mother. When it is in the vertical location of the uterus, this makes it a placenta posterior. When the placenta is on the back wall towards the upper portion of the uterus, it is considered the placenta posterior fundal.
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Question: what does placenta fundal and maturity grade zero mean?
Answer: The placenta is an organ that connects the mother’s uterine wall with the developing baby. It transports nutrients into the developing fetus. Usually, the fertilized egg implants itself in the posterior uterus, which is near to the spine. But, in some cases, the egg implants in the opposite side, that is the anterior wall of the uterus, which is close to the abdomen. The placental position in one of the following ways: • Anterior – If it implants on the front of the uterine wall • Posterior – If it implants on the back of the uterine wall • Fundal – If it implants on the top of the uterine wall • Right or left – If it implants on the right or left side of the uterus As your pregnancy progresses, the placenta will mature which is measured in grades. Grade 0 means your placenta does not show any calcifications and therefore has not started to mature which is good for 27 weeks.
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Question: My placenta is fundal posterior grade 2...what does it mean grade 2?
Answer: hi dear! so dear the grade 2 tells you how mature the placenta is . there are4 grades of maturity: -grade 0: <18 weeks -grade I: 18-29 weeks -grade II: >30 weeks. -grade III: >39 weeks so yours is normal at 35 weeks of pregnancy dear. so dont worry! and fundal means that the placenta is attached on the upper side of the uterus dear. take cared dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: My placenta is anterior fundal grade 2 in d midline what does it mean
Answer: Hello, Anterior means the front, so it's when the placenta is attached to the front wall of a woman’s uterus. The fundus is the top of the uterus, so a fundal placenta is located at the top of the uterus. An anterior fundal placenta would be in the front, near the top. Grade is the maturity level of placenta.
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