36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta- Anterior wall, upper segment with grade 2 means what ?

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Answer: Hi dear the position of the placenta is in front of the uterus with the maturity age of 2. This is normal.position. nothing to worry dear.
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    Roopini S60 days ago

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Question: Placenta anterior wall upper segment grade 2 ca+ means what
Answer: Hello dear , placenta anterior means your placenta is towards the other part of your tummy which is absolutely ok. Grade 2 ca ++ means placenta is getting harder n calcification started which is also fine as you are already 36 weeks pregnant.
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Question: Anterior wall,upper segment grade 2 means? Pls explain
Answer: Hi. This is your placentas placement. The placenta is a large organ that develops during pregnancy. It is attached to the wall of the uterus, usually at the top or side. The umbilical cord connects the placenta to your baby. Anterior means its in your front wall of uterus whixh is normal and good.
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Question: placenta anterior, upper segment with grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Everything is fine it is the location of placenta and maturity level of placenta
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Question: placenta is on posterior at upper wall segment maturity grade 2 means what?
Answer: After the egg fertilises, it travels down your fallopian tube, and gets embedded in your uterus (womb). At exactly this place where the fertilised egg implants in your uterus, your placenta gets formed. Thus, the position where placenta implants and develops may vary from person to person. Posterior placenta, where the placenta lies on the back wall of your uterus. Grade 2 – (marginal) the placenta reaches the cervix, but doesn't cover it.
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