39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: placenta anterior left lateral grade III in maturity

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Answer: anterior left lateral is d position of placenta n it's maturity is grade 3 during 9 month end it's common to have maturity as grade 3 bcoz as pregnancy progresses placenta maturity grade increases from 1-4 n it's normal
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Question: Placenta: left lateral wall,grade 0 maturity means what?
Answer: Dear it’s placenta position . It’s big organ in body. It’s work is to give enough oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Grade 0 it’s maturity means it’s giving enough nutrient to baby.
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Question: posterior left lateral wall grade 11 maturity means placenta is left side or right side
Answer: Placenta is on left side right now & with advancement of pregnancy it can change its position. What is your weeks of pregnancy because your placenta maturity is already grade 2 which is not good before 8 month of pregnancy.
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Question: In low lying placenta grade III maturity..can i go for normal delivery
Answer: Dear your placenta is already low and it’s grade 3 . In that condition your normal delivery chance are low. You should listen to your doctor suggestion . They know your case well.
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