39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: pet main bhut khujli ho rahi hai kya karu????

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Answer: Itching is common during pregnancy dear. Itching Remedy - do your best not to scratch because it can irritate your skin further and increase the risk of skin infections. If you're itching because of dry, stretched skin, these simple measures can give you relief: 1.Apply ice or Put an ice pack or a cool, wet compress on itchy areas for five to 10 minutes, or until the itch fades. 2. take some coconut oil. warm it up and put some aloe vera pulp. After 5-10minutes apply it and after 1/2 an hour clean it. You can also store it an can apply whenever u want. 3. Moisturise.
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    pooja singh586 days ago


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Question: mere pet pe red Dane aye hai bade bade bohot khujli Ho rahi hai kya karu
Answer:  Hello dear dane kisi allergy ki vajah se ho sakte h itching bilkul mat kariye or alovera gel apply kariye. Agar dane thik ni ho rahe h to doctor ko dikha lijiye ek bar.
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Question: Mera sare body main khujli Ho rahihe main kya karu
Answer: Apply a mix of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal measure. Use this twice a day. It will provide relief. As your skin is stretching it's getting dry due to wch you are experiencing itchiness. Other than this keep yourself hydrated, add foods wch are rich in omega 3 and natural oils this will maintain the elasticity of the skin. If itchiness persists then you can get your liver checked as sometimes due to liver infection one might feel itchiness all over body. take care.
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Question: Hii....aaj Mera pet bhut heavy ho raha hai n pain bhi hi raha hai......main kya karu...
Answer: Hi dear. Aapko bloating ho gyi hogi. Garmi me jyada pani peene se humein bloating ho jati hai. Aap thodi si hing garm pani me mix kar k piyo. Ja fir aap thodi ajwain kha k upper se garm pani ka glass piyo. Aap daily walk par jroor jayiye, 30 minutes se start ho kar daily 1 hour tak ka time kriye walk ka. Dinner sone se 2 hours pehle kriye
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