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Question: Period missing 15 days.pregency test is negative

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Answer: Hi dear it could be happening due to eating disorder , uncontrolled diabetes, it could happen  due to excessive exercise started recently, stress can affect the harmonal balancing, sleeping schedule has changed , or u may be suffering from PCOD. So it's really better to consult doctor. 
Answer: U should concered with dr. Once bcz no one gv u result that better as a dr. Cn gv or if therr is any other issue thn it also be catched treated without any delay
Answer: you should consult doctor and also go for thyroid test bcs fluctuation in thyroid also cause irregular periods
Answer: U shld consult to ur dr. Once abt it as pregnancy test kits are also not 109% relaible
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Question: After missing 5 days of period passing blood clots in urine sometimes and negative pregnancy test.
Answer: U wait another 3days and do pregnancy test with morning first urine
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Question: My period is missing But my pragnancy result was negative
Answer: Hi dear if you miss your period more than one week and your pregnancy kit result is also negative then wait for another week and take another pregnancy test. In between you can take a beta HCG blood test to check your HCG level if it increased in blood then chances of pregnancy is high. If both the results come negative again then you should consult a Doctor do a proper diagnosis of your delayed period and take medicines as per need. Take care of yourself.
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Question: the previous month missing the periods. we test the is negative. then what is the reason for this.why the period is missing .
Answer: Hi dear, If you are testing too early then ,the result could come negative.ideally you should test after a week of missed period.however ,blood test at this stage would give you correct result.
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Question: Hai maam my last period Feb 3 my period missing 52 days perganancy kit test panna negative
Answer: Hi dear, u can go for beta hcg blood test.. that can give 100% accurate result. Hope this helps
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