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Question: Period late by 8 days and negative pregnancy test..not feeling any symptoms of I pregnant?

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Answer: Hi dear, You need to check with first urine in morning for the only during that time you would have maximum pregnancy hormones.pregnancy kits are also faulty,so great a blood test done to check the HCG levels.
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    Yamini Khanna35 days ago

    Thank you for your reply.I have checked with first mornong urine..still negative..i thinking to wait for another week for blood test as my doctor is not asking to go for blood there any other way to confirm pregnancy

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Question: My period is 9days late and 4 pregnancy test was negative is am pregnant or not pregnant i am confusef
Answer: There are various circumstances that delays period even 15days... Dont be confused, try it again but after 5-6 more days..
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Question: My period is 9days late am I pregnant and the symptoms of pregnancy are not shown
Answer: Sometimes periods not come because of hormonal imbalance also. As there are no symptoms right now wait for a week. If still not come then do a pregnancy test. All the best
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Question: My period is 11 days late...and my test is i am pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for some more days or visit ur gynaecologist to do some tests to clear the result. But in case if ur are having any kind if inferti|ity problems like pcos, cysts, irregular periods then the chances of pregnancy are little low and if ur having no infertility issues then just track ur ovulation days the chances of getting pregnant becomes higher. All the best !
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