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Question: Period is very heavy after miscarriage?

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Answer: Yes dear, After 4–6 weeks of experiencing a miscarriage, the next period can be expected, which could have a heavier period than usual. So don't worry.
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Question: Hii mam yesterday got my periods after miscarriage it very very heavy flow and painfull is this normal I'm really scared and worried about it
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry for your loss.i know you must be going through emotional turmoil along with heavy is very common post miscarriages.heavy flow with cramps is generally ok.this would be only for the first cycle post miscarriage.if you feel too much weakness or have dizzyness, please visit your positive an stay strong,you can plan for your next Pregnancy after 3 months.let your hormones settle down and you get emotionally strong again.meanwhile ,also assess the reason for miscarriage.if you had any hormone deficiency,get it corrected by the doctor in recovery period.i wish out all the very best!
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Question: after miscarriage when get first period
Answer: Hii. It usually takes four to six weeks for your periods to return after a miscarriage, although it can take longer to settle into a regular cycle. The length of time it takes will depend on how regular your periods were before your pregnancy
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Question: Heavy bleeding this time period..i have planned this month but i periods comes.and it is very heavy why?
Answer: After concieve avoid heavy weight lifting and also up and down stairs ..
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