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Question: Period end but stomach is so much pain

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Answer: My baby is 1yrs old only and I want another baby but my period are so irregular after giving birth.so is this the right time for taking another baby??is my body is ok?
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Question: after my period of 15days I'm getting so much back pain and stomach pain like periods y this ?
Answer: This night be due to stress or work load due to lock down take some rest and apply move etc . Tc
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Question: Hi My stomach is itching so much...is that common??
Answer: Hi...It is quite normal for the growing belly to be itchy due to the stretching skin. This is due to the hormonal changes...just Apply coconut oil to the itching area...it really helps
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Question: My stomach is tightening so much plx suggest something.
Answer: It is your baby is growing it need space so stretching happens . That's why you feel tightening of stomach
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