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Question: Period end but stomach is so much pain

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Answer: My baby is 1yrs old only and I want another baby but my period are so irregular after giving birth.so is this the right time for taking another baby??is my body is ok?
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Question: Halo doctor now I missed my period but there is stomach pain is there any problem
Answer: Hi dear... there's no need to be worried dear...as abdominal cramps during early weeks of pregnancy is normal and it is caused by the implantation of the fertilised egg in the uterus wall dear....
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Question: I'm pregnant but first month so why stomach pain regularly
Answer: It's very normal to get the stomach pain in in pregnancy that happens because our body goes through a lot of changes to keep our baby safe
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Question: My back is so much paining but no discharge anything yesterday night is thick and yellowish discharge but today is stop discharging stop but my back and lower stomach is to much paining why my due date is to late
Answer: Same situation is of fine it's totally due to your cervix is opening need not to worry I have checked with my gynae today itself have yoga butterfly and count the baby move regularly....
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