31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Per day more than 3 times going to motion..not loose motion why

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Answer: Same here. .this is due to increased pressure at rectum area.
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Question: From morning my baby going loose motion more than 20tims why is so
Answer: Hii dear its due to seaaonal or stomatch infection .so dear consult to ur dr nd give medicine aa she suggest u give bf after 2 2 hours to ur baby .give ors after every loose motion Eat more foods containing starch. Starchy foods are easily digested during diarrhea. ...Drink extra water. Avoid all fruit juices and carbonated drinks.Milk and milk products are fine.Avoid beans or any other foods that cause loose stools.
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Question: I have 8month baby... when he taken food while he get motion more than 3 times per day ..
Answer: add jayfal in his food , you can make a paste of it with little milk and give 1 spoon daily or u can make powder of jayfal and mix whatever food you give him , jayfal is good to improve digestion system .
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Question: Why I am going for poop 2 or 3 times in a day..It's not loose motion but yet why it's happen?
Answer: Dear this is normal in pregnancy . In pregnancy your digestion will become slow due to this you will go 2/3 time motion . Take more warm water.
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