21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: People say in pregnancy, i should be sleeping on left side more. But i find sleeping on right side more comfortable n relaxing. Why so?

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Answer: It is common, even I felt the same and lied on my right.. But try to lie on left side also.. It is good for u and ur baby.
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Question: anyone sleeping on right side?? I feel more comfortable sleeping at right side.. but I try max to sleep on left side..
Answer: Hey dear i used to switch between both d sides... The best sleep position duringpregnancy is “SOS” (sleep on side). Even better is to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Keep your legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between your legs
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Question: Hi ,is it true that if baby is on right side, than sleeping on right side is more comfortable, n if baby is on left side than it is more comfortable to sleep on left side?
Answer: Hi dear,actually it is said because this type of sleeping type can help u to give a better blood flow in baby n u..but u can sleep on d side u feel comfortable.
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Question: Hi but I feel more comfortable while sleeping on right side is that any prblm sleeping on right side
Answer: Hi, there is no problem at all. You can sleep on the right side. It is absolutely normal and nothing to wrong. Take help of lot of pillows to support you.
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